Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 1 and 2

October 2, 2010
Moss Landing, CA
Day 2 Lives in Tandem.

Yesterday we turned onto East Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz and began our southward travels. A yellow watermelon was offered to Momma Ocean along with the last of our ceremonial sunflowers. We made it a heroic 5 miles on TT, our Turquoise Stallion, before stopping in Capitola for 5 slices of pizza from Pizza My Heart. Delicious. We earned it.
After our first cozy night sleep in New Brighton State Park's cyclist campsite (our new tent, down sleeping bags and lavender scented pillows sent us into dreamtime quickly) we awoke to the second day of October, the harvest month.
Today's pedaling rolled us through acres after acres of productive, and exploited, farmland through Watsonville's valleys. Millions of strawberries basked in autumnal sun, the scents wafting all about as we sang "Strawberry Fields." We contimplated the vast beauty of rolling emerald farmland backed by the Pacific's cobalt seascape. We contimplated the toxicity of the American food system as we rolled past streams and irrigation ditches glowing neon green from fertilizer leaching. Farmworkers picked Driscoll's berries alongside roadwday chemical warning sings, marked by skull and crossbone.

As the towers of Moss Landing's powerplant came into view, we know The Whole Enchilada Restaurant was near, and our day's cycling goals complete.

The Love Cloud we were sent off on during our wedding celebration one week ago continues to amaze us. The bond we have unified with each other is as glowing and strong as ever. We hope the loves in your life are beating strong with truth and reverence.

We'll sleep well tonight, with thankfulness in our hearts for each any everyone of our family and dear friends. Thank you all for making this Dream HoneyMoon bike adventure a reality.

With Deep Respect,

Kati and Pete

First "Man-Dog Look-Alike" sighting.................


  1. This is wonderful! I feel like I am along for the ride! Thanks for sharing your love, observations, reflections and photos!

  2. Dearest LiT--
    i was gasping with joy when reading about your whale ride. glory!
    I am totally living vicariously. what a ride you are having.
    love love. ab

  3. thinking about you two and enjoying every pedal push. hey, wait a minute, i'm not getting any exercise this way...