Thursday, October 7, 2010

Big Sur...extended

October 7, 2010
Hello Dear Family,

Writing today from the shade of giant Redwood Trees at Henry Miller Library in Big Sur. Yes, BIG SUR is where we are - The land of dreams, where waterfalls emerge from fern-filled mosslands and the Pacific is endless to the horizon. We flow down the  coast with eyes wide open, firm grip on the breaks, smiles across our faces.
We are truly finding our tandem pace, day by day, one pedal at a time. There is love, understanding, patience and compassion being learned with every rotation of the wheel.  Lives in Tandem on a bicycle requires exquisite communication, both verbal and telepathic. When to shift, when to call out a bump, when to adjust the satchel when to straighten out the luggage. Teamwork is key and I love my teammate. Here is one example of our lift-off dialogue: Kati begins  "Stoker ready. Rider ready?" Pete answers, "Rider Ready. Riding?" Kati finishes: "Ride on." and we roll southward from one library to the next hot spring, keeping eyes on the road and love strong in our hearts.

A lot has happened since we last Bloogggggged.

But first, a short common name species list from our Day 3 Humpback whale feeding experience:
Harbor seal, cormorant, Brown Pelican, Tufted Puffin, Egg Yolk Jellyfish, Mola Mola (Sun Fish) Red Necked Phalarope and baby Harbor Porpoises.

Highlights of the Past Several Days:
  • 30 humpback whales binge feeding on zooplankton
  • Pedaling along the powdery shores of Pebble Beach
  • Making notes on building styles in Carmel (we like the roof on this one)

  • Meeting other touring tandem teams (they pretty much put us to shame having pedaled from the arctic circle and heading to the tip of south flip-flops I might add)
  • Our first riding and setting up camp in the rain experience, 24 hours after Pete said to his Dad, "We don't need dry bags, it won't rain in California for a month.
  • Best sunset of the month enjoyed from the Headlands point at the mouth of the Big Sur River

*Groundhogs ambushing us from all sides at our campsite in Andrew Molera State Park, here is documentation of one trying to drink from my water bottle.

*Writing thank you notes to all of our amazing friends and family who have made this possible along the shores of Big Sur

*Ready to Ride!!!!!!

  • Camp food like mac n' cheese and red wine
  •  the luxuries of laundry fresh clothes a hot shower 
  • and a movie on our laptop (gift), wearing cozy wool hats (gift) kept warm in our down sleeping bags (gift)
snuggling by each other (the greatest gift)

Stay tuned, coming soon Al Jardine of the Beach Boys tells us our Tandem is cool as he sings "Good Vibrations" in reahearsal at the Henry Miller Library where we are writing this post from, 19th Annual Big Sur Jade Festival and soaking in the hot-springs at Esalen.....stay tuned!!!!

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  1. Josh and I were at the Jade Fest looking for you two and we were bummed that our paths didn't cross. I hope that you enjoyed the festival as much as we did! Thanks for sharing your stories and photos, although I have to say that after our tiny slice of heaven this weekend I'm a little jealous of your extended adventures! I'm off to play soccer in this sunny Santa Cruz fall afternoon. Love to you both!