Sunday, March 13, 2011

And so we return to Cuba....

And so we return to Cuba…..
Returning to a place is very different than going for the first time, and especially in such close proximity to the last trip.  We have already felt much more efficient in maneuvering our way around the city and are much more self sufficient now that we know where to go to escape some of the tourist traps.  We have been very fortunate to land in a wonderful home on the top of a hill that over looks all of Havana and out to the sea.  We have witnessed some spectacular storms and sunsets from our balcony and have been taking daily trips to the markets to purchase new fruits and vegetables and  try out some Cuban cooking.  But our main project while in Havana has been to attend our daily Spanish classes and  continue to improve our communication skills.  While we are excited to get out into the country and work on our project we know that this will not be possible or affective without a firm grasp on language.  Saturday we will be leaving Havana and heading to the east coast to the grand city of Santiago de Cuba where we hope to continue our Spanish course as well as get to visit some new agricultural projects.  We will then continue on our bike to see projects in Guantanamo and Baracoa….so stay tuned!!
We will continue to update our blog whenever possible and we encourage whoever is reading to leave a comment.  Please let us know any relevant news that you are reading as well as questions that you would like to discuss.  The reason for this blog is to share our experience and open up new dialogues between the United States and Cuba!

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