Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Una Bicicleta Double through Cuba!

1 Deciembre 2010 
Saludos Amigos y Amigas
We have made it to Cienfuegos, a beautiful city on the shores of Cubas third largest bay. Tranquil Caribbean waters stretch in all directions from our position on Punta Gorda, a peninsula of striking beauty that juts into the Bahia. To the east are the magestic 2000 meter Escambray Mountains. These steep, rugged summits tower towards the sky from the shores of the Caribe. Our fascination with Cuba - the people, the soil, the situation, the flora, fauna the geography, the Sea - continues to multiply by the day. 

Our tandem heros!! Hopefully us in a few years! This was there 4th tandem bike ride through Cuba!
Day One. Departing to Playas del Este from Copacabana in La Habana

This section of photos is dedicated to my dad for his birthday on December 2

Fabian Ramirez, age 7, ready to plant some Wasatch Porcelain garlic at Alamar Orgnoponico, and evn more ready to play catch with his new baseball gift.
Cloves planted in afternoon sun in the red earth of Cuba.
Norma awaits customers for rabanos as her husband Ramon harvests in the fields behind the stand.

Kati's first pottery bowl made with tierra Cubana.

Yonnis and Felicia, garlic and onion farmers. They ask us to return in Marso to harvest the one bulb from the one clove we give to them, saying we'll have a huge party of roasted pig flavored with garlic and organges and plenty of rum. Felicia says, as we climb back on our bikes... We don't have much, but our heart's are strong and sincere. We love you and we will always treat you like our children.

This is who Pete is going to be for Halloween next year! Our favorite brand of garlic chips so far...

Cuban rice drying on the doorstep.

After nearly three weeks along the shores of the Caribbean, we have had our first scuba diving experience in Cuba, drifting below the surface of the turquoise Sea, to 18 meters for 48 minutes, exploring  Cubas marine ecosystem. Pepe led the way as we descended upon a sunken ship covered in multicolored vases sponges, purple, red, orange and pink sea fans and brain, elkhorn and staghorn coral pinnaces. Lionfish, blue chromis, dog snappers and trumpetfish greated us as we floated eye to eye with the underwater inhabitants of Cuba's coral reefs. 

Where did we scuba dive... in the Bahia de los Cochinos, also know as the Bay of Pigs, the site of "the first defeat of US imperialism in the Americas. Along the bumpy road before and after our scuba experience, we passed 131 monuments for each of the Cuba people who died protecting the island from the CIA backed botched mission. Before entering the water with our dive guide Pepe, the other instructors joked with us saying that Pepe might feed us to the fish, who love to eat imperialists. All joking aside, the underwater world was majestic, the healthiest Caribbean reefs we have seen. And, all equipment worked great except for the depth gauge....

We love you all and are so careful and aware each day.
We write again when we can, and look forward to seeing family and friends for the holidays and to welcome in a beautiful new year.

Con mucho amor, 

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  1. Wow, you two!! These pictures and adventure summaries are incredible! I am sure you are both having the time of your lives.
    Everything here in Utah is covered in a nice blanket of snow. All the garlics are sleeping underneath, preparing for emergence in a few short months. I have been using the extra time created by lack-of-farming to research, plan, dream, network, and prepare for next season. I have many ideas and infinite excitement for what's in store.
    Can't wait to speak in person and hear more about the great Cuban journey. Until then, stay safe you two, be experiental sponges for all the beauty and knowledge you encounter, and live it up!
    !Viva la vida y Cuba libre!
    Love, Ty