Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ocean Wedding Weekend September 23-26


Santa Cruz, CA

Hello Everyone,

This is our first post as a married couple. We are absorbing all the memorable joy and deep gratitude for the most beautiful, perfect wedding weekend - a family gathering beyond our loftiest dreams.

From Club Ed's wedding gift of unlimited surfing in perfect peeling waves at Cowells on Thursday, to Friday's many-layered talent show extravaganza, the weekend started off with many smiles, the momentum of a great reunion and mixing of friends from near and far.

Saturday 9/25/10 at Ano Nuevo's Cove Beach delivered idyllic beach weather, calm, turquoise wave conditions, colorful sunflower offerings, song, dance, tears, the Great White Swan, dolphins and a celebration by the Sea, in honor of true love and the Great Ocean.

Once our flowery offerings were delivered to the Sea and we cruised into shore, many enjoyed a mid-day dip beneath the perfect emerald waves. The wedding parade made its way back to Costanoa Lodge where Colin McNany's wine gift and roasted Garlic from Sandhill Farms awaited family and friends. As the hills of Redwoods turned autumn gold in the setting sun, Kati and Pete's wedding garden produce was prepared and served by Chef Michael and his team - roasted Purple Majesty potatoes, salmon, beets on goat cheese puff pastry and more.

Toasts of love and laughter were offered, the giant Opinel knife used with honor to cut the first piece of wedding dessert - Strawberry shortcake from Swanton Berry Farms. The smokin' California Honeydrops brought all to the dance floor and then invited guests to welcome the rising moon with hoots and howls and laughter.

Sunday, the morning after, light ocean fog drifted in from the sea and traded places with the autumnal sun. It was the morning of longs embraces and kind words of wisdom, safety and smiles.

Sunday also marked the beginning of a massive swell from the North Pacific. Huge waves have inundated the Santa Cruz coastline with the largest surf in Monterey Bay since last March. Third reef at Steamer's Lane is breaking 12-15 feet and beach breaks by Seabright echo their force into the silent night.

Life along the Ocean's shore is lively and powerful, as record heat mixes with massive waves.

We're packing our bike bags, giving thanks for a wedding celebration of our dreams, preparing for our lives in tandem and the beginning of our coastal journey, pedal power style.

Stay tuned for many more photos soon from the dedicated team at

The wave of love continues.

Until next time,

Kati and Pete....

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